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Happy DeSTEMber!

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

It’s that time of year. Well, yes, of twinkling lights and gifts and snow. But I was thinking of that time of year when we consider some great sites to check out for engaging STEM ideas, resources, and lesson plans. I’ve gathered a few for you to explore. I’m sure you will find plenty of great ideas that you can incorporate in your classroom throughout this next year…or, better yet, share with your peers so they can enjoy increasing their focus on STEM in their classroom! Happy DeSTEMber!

STEAM-Powered Family

You will find lots of easy STEM (and STEAM) ideas that you can use with your students at this site. You’ll find most of the activities are great for the elementary through the tween years. To make these STEM activities even better, the author has several that are food related. After all, who doesn’t enjoy chocolate now and then! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for more activities and ideas right to your inbox. Even if you choose not to use these in the classroom, you can definitely share the ideas with your students’ parents to encourage family time that is STEM-based.

The STEM Laboratory

This is the place to go if you are looking for addictive activities to get students in pre-kindergarten through second grade into science, technology, engineering, and math! Though the site charges for many activities, you will be able to find enough freebies to make it worth your while to check out. Activities are neatly organized by grade level and by content (science, technology, engineering, and/or math) to make it easy for you to locate that perfect STEM activity for you to do next in your class.

How to Smile

If you are one of the special teachers who service students in non-classroom environments, then you will find this website perfectly-designed for you. It has awesome search filters that let you filter by age (4 years old to 18 years old), subject, learning time, prep time, and more. Wow! And, if you know of a resource that they don’t have listed, you can share it with questions@howtosmile.org to be considered.


Though it has an odd name, this site is managed by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), which is committed to promoting and enhancing efforts to improve K-12 STEM and engineering education. So if you find that engineering may not be your strongest suit when it comes to promoting STEM, check out this site for lesson plans, class activities, outreach programs, and more!

The Periodic Table of Tech

This isn’t just your normal periodic table. This table identifies how each element is used in the making or using of technology. Chemistry teachers will find this site a great addition to add some relevance to what might otherwise be abstract elements.

100+ STEM Websites & Webtools for Teachers

Last, but definitely not least, is this Livebinder by Letia Cooper. After looking through the resources that she’s gathered for you, you won’t be surprised that her livebinder has earned the Top10 designation.

Enjoy these DeSTEMber resources as you explore activities, ideas, lesson plans, and more that will help you infuse even more STEM into your classroom. If you have a resource that you would like to add to our list, share it in the comments below; we’d love to have your input! Here’s wishing you a Happy DeSTEMber!


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