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Looking for Dollars in a Haystack

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

Finding money to fund needed technology projects can be tough today as grants are few and far between. But if you don’t mind a little investigative work, you can score some cash for your classroom or campus. Below are some places to find funding sources. As you read through them, pay attention to whether the grant is specifically for individual campuses to apply for or if it can be applied for by the district and then managed/dispersed from that level.


Your ESC may also have some funding resources posted on their website, so make sure you take a look there. And your school district may have an education foundation which also funds small classroom projects.

In addition, don’t forget about crowdsourcing smaller money needs for individual classrooms. Websites like DonorsChoose, AdoptaClassroom, and DigitalWish all provide teachers the opportunity to ask the world for specific supplies, including technology, for their students. People make donations to the classroom, with all of the money being managed by the hosting site. When the need is fully funded, the organization either purchases what was requested by the teacher or works with him/her to purchase it.
Finally, you can always jump into the TCEA Community, join a group, and post your question about funding there. Some of your colleagues are sure to share what they’ve found with you. Good luck!

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