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Do You Know Someone Who Deserves $1,000?

by Carrie McFarland

One of the most heart-warming encounters I can recall happened at convention last year. An attendee walked up to TCEA’s own Peggy Reimers, asked if she had been a fourth grade teacher, and went on to explain that she had been a student in Ms. Reimers’ class years ago. This attendee went on to say she had been inspired to become a teacher because of Ms. Reimers. This former student glowed with appreciation and admiration, almost as though she were meeting a hero, as she was reunited with her former teacher.

Even though we know that most teachers do not expect to be recognized for doing their job, I hope that every educator will have a moment such as this: a moment when they know their hard work is truly appreciated. When educators are recognized, it not only reinforces their value and accomplishments, but can also serve as a catalyst for inspiring and motivating others.

What Is This About $1,000?

This brings me to the $1,000. Each year, TCEA gives out more than $16,000 in prizes and scholarships to deserving educators who are using educational technology to transform student learning. We hand out prizes in eight different award categories and three different scholarship categories with the award recipients receiving $1,000 and the two runner-ups each receiving $500. I’ll bet you know someone (a teacher, librarian, educator, administrator, or college student) who is eligible for one of the categories and deserves to be honored.

How Do I Nominate Someone (Or Myself)?

The process is super easy. Just check out the Awards and Scholarships categories. Anytime between September 12 and October 14, complete the application for a colleague, peer, or even yourself using the quick online form. That’s it. We’ll follow up with each nominee and take it from there.

What Happens Next?

In February, we host a formal Awards and Scholarships Reception at the Annual TCEA Convention & Exposition. It’s a wonderful evening, overflowing with energy, anticipation, and applause. The winners and runner-ups are announced, presented with their awards and prizes, and all go home a little bit richer and feeling more appreciated.

How Can I Help?

We need your nominations, and we only have a few short weeks to gather them. Please take a moment to consider those in your school and district who are doing amazing things with educational technology. Your nomination will mean so much to them, not only as a recognition of the work they are doing, but a chance to walk away with a cash prize.


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