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Effective Peer Coaching Tips and Resources

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

Peer coaching is a trend that many districts are finding helpful in increasing rigor in core content areas and supporting teachers’ growth in applying best teaching practices. This same method can be used to support teachers’ integration of technology as well. And, since peer coaching is about improving practice and not intended to be evaluative, you and your teachers should find this method of teacher support welcoming and effective.

Peer coaching may look different for different campuses. While we traditionally think of it as a one-on-one situation, it can be a more collaborative and collegial group made up of a team of teachers from a particular grade level or content area.

Getting Started

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Research various peer coaching gurus. Each will have his own style and protocols to follow.
  • Define what you want the end result to be for your teachers (and students).
  • Investigate activities within the chosen model that best fits your goal(s) and school culture.
  • Include all teachers early on in the process to build buy-in and increase their motivation to participate.

Goal Setting

Coaching relies heavily on the practice of establishing goals, making it a fundamental component. Many use SMART goals. Jim Knight likes to use PEERS to set goals. PEERS stands for:

Emotionally Compelling.

You can read more about PEERS and why Jim Knight finds it more impactful here.


To learn more, check out the following resources:

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