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Bookmark Organization the Easy Way

by Miguel Guhlin

There are many amazing tools available for organizing your Chrome browser bookmarks. Whether it’s a social bookmark tool (e.g. Diigo) or just built-in browser management, the tools make it simple. Yet it’s the simple tools that many of us overlook. Tired of wading through a pile of bookmarks, I recently decided to look around for a better solution and found a Chrome add-on that you may also want to use.

Really? Bookmarks?

“Bookmark organization…that’s so early 21st century,” you might be saying. Why get excited about bookmark management? But if you’re like a lot of folks, myself included, you may want something simple. If you have to manage bookmarks on your Chromebook by sorting through tons of bookmarks to find what you need, you will love this Chrome extension.

I had been using social bookmarking tools like Diigo because it makes sharing bookmarks with others, well, social. You can get an RSS feed for a collection of bookmarks that’s based around a tag. You can use Diigo to annotate a web page. Diigo offers educators free or reduced cost options. The problem is, it’s too much trouble. I just don’t want to mess with bookmark tools and add-ons. There are other options, though.

Google Chrome’s Bookmark Manager

Google Chrome comes with a built-in bookmark manager that is pretty powerful.

bookmark menu

You can create folders for your bookmarks to organize them. These folders, when placed in your bookmarks bar, allow you to group your bookmarks. In the screenshot below, you can see three folders, including Work, Tools, and Microsoft.

In the picture below, you can see that clicking on any one of the folders will reveal the bookmarks. I’ve clicked the Tools folder to show a list of bookmarks.

You can use this built-in bookmark manager without any additional extensions. Open it with a keyboard shortcut on Windows (Ctrl-Shift-O). You can enhance the built-in manager with a Chrome extension.

Did You Know?

You can easily transfer your bookmarks between computers or devices. Turn on Sync in your Chrome browser settings. Your extensions, like the one mentioned below, and your bookmarks will get copied to other computers you are signed in to. You can also export your bookmarks as an HTML file and then import it using the Chrome Bookmark Manager.

Open Bookmark Manager

The Open Bookmark Manager makes getting to the built-in bookmark manager in Chrome easier by adding a quick button. This is faster than clicking on Settings, Bookmarks, and then Bookmark Manager. The button appears in the extension panel (top right corner of your browser). You will see a white star on a blue background.Additional features include setting up keyboard shortcuts to jump straight to your bookmark folder of choice.

Keep It Simple

In a world full of complex, new tools, an old maxim rules supreme: keep it simple.  Open Bookmark Manager makes getting to Google’s Bookmarks Manager easy and simple. That makes it worth adding to your favorites, right? (pun intended)


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