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Create on the Go with Adobe Mobile Apps

by Guest Blogger
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Creating digital media can be challenging. Some of us may not have learned graphic design, analyzed film, or studied art. However, with Adobe mobile apps, you can design and create amazing images, graphics, or videos to use for lessons, presentations, announcements, flyers, social media, and/or classroom websites.


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Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark is my must-have app for creating quick graphics on the go in less than five minutes. In a nutshell, Adobe Spark Post is a fun, fast, and easy way to create stunning graphics for anything you’ll need for the classroom (announcement, signs, flyers, posters, etc.). You’ll get advanced features typically found in pro-level applications in the palm of your hand. Make images/graphics like these that you can use for your classroom.

In addition to you using Spark Post, your students can also benefit from using this app to create content for their projects, essays, presentations, videos, etc.

Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video offers very robust features built into the mobile app. I like using it to create videos on the fly! In about five to ten minutes (depending on length of video), I can have a finished video ready to share. Turn your stories into narrated videos in just a few minutes like the following:

Putting a video like this together can seem daunting, but Spark Video makes creating one easy with the use of the built-in Story Guides. What’s more, your students can use these guides as story starters.

Story Guides


  • Promote an Idea – Students can use this guide to create persuasive stories.
  • Tell What Happened – Students can use this guide to share what happened on a field trip or to celebrate classroom success stories.
  • A Hero’s Journey – Students can use this guide to to share how characters in stories overcame challenges.
  • Show and Tell – Students can share their collections, talk about their passions, etc.
  • Personal Growth – Students can share a story about how something impacted them to change their perspective.
  • Teach a Lesson – Students can create videos to help others learn how to code, build a bike ramp, draw, play a game, etc.
  • An Invitation – Students can use this to invite parents to back to school night, promote classroom trips, art shows, etc.

Adobe Clip

One of my creative passions is filming with my mobile device. Being mobile allows me to record video at any time. And when I’m on the go and want to edit a movie, my go-to app is Adobe Clip. You get big-screen results from a jam-packed app! You can record video, mix video clips with static images, edit clips, add title screens, and add sound. Check out this example and this one.

Not sure how to edit a movie? Adobe Clip has a very intuitive interface that is easy to follow. Add images and video clips and Adobe Clip puts them together. You then have the option to either manually customize your video, choose “Freeform,” or have the app do it for you using “Automatic.” Either option will give you plenty of creative control over your final product.


Have your students use Adobe Clip for other creative projects such as Public Service Announcements (PSAs), short stories, documentaries, or announcements.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Bring photo editing abilities to your mobile device using Adobe Photoshop Mix. Take a photo using your mobile device within the app, cut out elements from different images, blend layers, and/or add text. Although similar to Adobe Spark Post, Photoshop Mix gives you more control over editing the photos. One of the features I find very useful is the Cut-Out tool.  With it, you can remove backgrounds from images, blend them with solid backgrounds, and add text to create graphics for any use in your classroom.


These are just a few of over 15 mobile apps Adobe has to offer. I focused on the ones that are applicable to creating digital media for the classroom. Whether you’re creating posters, flyers, book reviews, movies, or commercials, I suggest trying out one of these Adobe mobile apps.

adobe mobileThis is a guest blog entry written by Claudio Zavala, Jr. He currently works as an Instructional Technology Coordinator with Duncanville ISD in Duncanville, Texas.  He is an Adobe Education Leader and an ambassador for Flipgrid, Hoonuit, and Participate. Claudio is passionate about fostering creative thought and applying tools to enrich learning and experiences  in the classroom.  In his spare time, he enjoys blogging (iamclaudius.com), mountain biking, photography, and creating music with his band mates. Reach him on Twitter @ClaudioZavalaJr


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