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What Your Students Want You to Know About YouTube Editor

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
YouTube Editor

Sure, we are all aware that anyone can upload and share a video on YouTube. After all, there are four BILLION videos viewed there each day (according to this article). But did you know that your students can do so much more there? Forget about being passive video viewers; have them create and edit their own videos, sharing their own stories, on this same site using the YouTube Editor.

Along with videos, you can add images as stills in your project. And, aside from simply combining clips, you can also trim (customize the length of the clip). There are even special tools and effects available. How about a lower third? YouTube has you covered. A title card? YouTube can help you there. Need some music? YouTube has you covered there as well. You can even use some of today’s popular music.

These great features all tie into your Google Apps for Education account. Sign in and your project will be saved in the cloud.

Get started here. With your videos displayed, you can quickly drag and drop clips onto your timeline. Pinch the clip from either side to trim the clip. Once you’re ready to complete your masterpiece, save your video.

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