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The Latest Google Update

by Lori Gracey
Google update

Google announced a number of very nice updates to their products in February 2017, and you’ll definitely want to start using them. Here’s a quick look at what’s now available:

  • Android apps are now easily available on all Chromebooks launched from this point on (source).
  • Administrators will soon be able to manage Android apps on Chrome devices (source).
  • New features for the mobile app versions of Docs and Sheets are now available, including headers and footers; drag-and-drop text; resizing, moving, and rotating images; and more (source).
  • Insert videos into Slides from Google Drive (source).
  • Administrators now have privileges for managing custom templates in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms (source).
  • Google Arts and Culture now includes a comprehensive U. S. presidential history (source).
  • Google Sites now supports dividers (source).
  • Meet by Google Hangouts, a new video conferencing app for business, has been launched (source).

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