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Summer Activities for Teens: From Geocaching to Stargazing

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
Four images are shown side by side of people geocaching, a hiking trail, stars, and a phone taking a photograph. These are examples of summer activities.

For teachers, being at home during the summer is nice and relaxing. It’s a time to catch up on household projects and much-needed rest. But for teens, being stuck at home may be equivalent to torture. So, whether you have teens at your home this summer or you know some teens who could use some ideas, here are a few summer activity options they can consider to help them enjoy the break before it is over.


Geocaching is like hunting for treasure, and it’s a great summer activity. Folks hide a cache, which could be as small as a chapstick tube or as large as a gallon jug, and then give clues and coordinates to it. Using your phone and one of many apps, you try to locate the cache. If you find it, then you leave your name on the list. Some caches will have items in which you can take one and leave something in its place. A few apps to consider as you begin geocaching include: Geocaching (iOS and Android), c:geo (Android), and GeoCaches (iOS)

A photo of a trail running parallel to a creek and wooded area. Trails like this often are used for geocaching as a summer activity.

Hiking or Biking

Whether you like to hike or bike, there are a lot of trails that may be very close to where you live. And, with just a little bit of help from a well-organized website or app, you can plan for a great summer adventure outdoors. Here are some resources for you to consider using: AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run (iOS and Android) and Hiking Project (iOS and Android). Be sure to also check out State Parks to locate state parks, forests, and other great natural areas to explore! Hiking is one of my favorite summer activities.

A photo of a rocky, dirt path for hiking surrounded by woods to demonstrate hiking as a summer activity.


Being outside is nice, but being outside when you can see the stars is amazing. Why not add stargazing to your summer activities list? Knowing different constellations and galaxies can make looking at the night sky interesting and exciting – knowing that a particular star is several million light years away…wow! Yes, you can get some fancy shmancy telescopes that you can hook to your computer or control with your phone that can locate and identify stellar bodies for you, but you can easily enjoy stargazing on a budget. Begin your journey by visiting the Hubblesite where you’ll find news, photos, and information on what the Hubble space telescope is looking at now.

A vivid image of the night sky showing the milky way galaxy. This is meant to demonstrate stargazing as a summer activity.


Start capturing what you see to tell a story, convey a feeling, or elicit a memory. You can easily do that with just a few basic photography skills and a good camera app. Photography is a great addition to your list of summer activities! If you feel you don’t have the skills to get started, then check out one of these websites to get you started: 12 Mobile Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know and How to take good photos with a phone – 10 Killer Tips! If you are looking to upgrade your phone’s camera app, then consider PetaPixel’s list for Android or iPhone.

A photograph of a person taking a photo of a waterfall.

So, what will you encourage your teens to do this summer before it is over? What do you enjoy doing? Share with us in the comments section below any summer activities you’re planning and include us in your adventures!

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