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Resources from the Solution Circles: PreK-2

by Lori Gracey
solution circles

At the recent TCEA 2018 Convention & Exposition, attendees were able to take part in Solution Circles, small groups gathered around a table to share resources, questions, and answers on a given topic. There was no presenter; instead, each person taking part shared what he/she had to offer. Common problems were addressed and solutions were proposed.

Amazing resources were shared by those who participated, and it seems like a crime not to provide those ideas and solutions to others who were not able to attend this year’s convention. So I will be writing a series of blogs that offer tips and tools from each topic. For today, here are the ones from primary teachers in grades PreK-2.

What Works for PreK-2

Participants in this Solution Circle also reminded us that research shows that young students learn more when they work in pairs. That led to a great discussion about how best to set up learning centers/stations for paired work. Teaching these young students to share and then being able to know that each was doing his/her part was also discussed.

Be sure to check back for our next Solution Circles when we share resources on other topics!


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