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Engage Students with Google Slides Q&A

by Diana Benner

Last year, Google announced a new feature for Google Slides, Slides Q&A.  The feature allows for more interaction, as well as real-time feedback, and is fabulous for both classroom and professional development use. By simply submitting questions from any device, students can now be more engaged and directly involved in lessons.

Getting Started

To get started with Google Slides Q&A:


Click on image to download poster.

  1. Open your Google Slide lesson. (If you don’t have one and want to try it out, open this Memorial Day Lesson.)
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to “Present.”
  3. Select “Presenter View.” A new Presenter View information box will appear.
  4. Make sure that you are under the “Audience Tools” tab and press “Start New.”

Note that a banner that contains a link is automatically generated at the top of your slides. Students can now go to that link to ask questions as you go through the day’s lesson.

Furthermore, students can also vote on the questions asked if they have the same question or feel like it was a good question to ask. In addition, if your students are logged in with their Google account, their name will appear next to their question.

As questions are asked, they will be sent in real time to the information box that appears. Most noteworthy, you have the option to present the questions on the screen by clicking on the “Present” button. This is perfect for doing whole-class review.


Classroom Implications of Slides Q&A

As a result of using Google Slides Q&A in the classroom, there are several vital implications for you and your students.

  1. Students are more engaged because they can actively participate in the lesson.
  2. Students who don’t want to speak up in class now have a place to ask questions.
  3. Teachers can see which questions students have that are similar by having students vote on questions they want answered.
  4. Students can ask questions immediately as the lesson is being delivered.
  5. Teachers are able to address questions immediately while going through the lesson.

Slides Q&A is such an easy feature to use with so many benefits. If you haven’t tried it in your classroom, I challenge you to do so. It’s a great way to get your students actively engaged!


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