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The Cherry on Top? Google Add-Ons

by Peggy Reimers
Tasty looking banana split

If GAFE (Google Apps for Education) was a banana split, then Google Forms is the whipped cream on top. Forms is the best way to create a poll, survey, or quiz, or collect information. But sometimes the data that collects in the Google Sheet is hard to read and decipher AND you need the data saved back in the Google Form layout. For that, you need a powerful add-on.

We all know that reading long paragraph field entries are a nightmare in the spreadsheet. But good news! The add-on, Save as Doc, is the cherry on top when it comes to finding a solution for your Google Forms content.

Save as Google Doc Core Features

  • Choose any name for the generated document.
  • Select any number of adjacent cells to output.
  • Choose any heading style for column headings.
  • Add a pagebreak after each row of data.
  • Save the current settings as the default.
  • Generates a Google Document in your Google Drive.

How to Use This Google Add-on

  1. Download the add-on
  2. Within Google Sheets, click on Add-ons
  3. Choose “Save As Doc > Start”
  4.  Select the cells, rows, or columns to include or choose “Select all data”
  5. Type a Save Doc File name
  6. Modify the output settings in the sidebar
  7. Choose “Save as Doc”
  8. At the bottom, click on the blue Open the Doc

You’ve heard of the Texas two-step? Now you have the Google three-step:

  1. Use Google Forms to enter the information.
  2. The responses are compiled in Google Sheets.
  3. Use the add-on to turn your information back into a Google Doc.

Want to top off Docs, Sheets, and Form with more cherry-on-top add-ons? I’ll be sharing some more of my favorites in upcoming blogs. And, if you’re a TCEA member, check out our list of recommended Chrome apps and extensions. They’re divided by category and then subject, making them easy to search through.

Feature Image: Mirsa in Pixabay

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