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Getting Serious with Android (Part 2)

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

As an Android developer, you may find that having a place to ask questions and getting ideas from other developers is a tremendous time-saver. To that extent, we’ll focus on forums and YouTube playlists for Android developers in this post. If you haven’t already, you may want to check out Part 1 of this series for great blogs and newsletters to help you enhance your Android development skills.


Android Developers Google Group

This public forum is great for anyone troubleshooting apps, seeking advice on implementation, and improving your app for speed or user experience. Search through almost 90,000 topics to find answers to your question if someone has already asked it or join the group and post to have other developers share with you.


With over 60,000 readers subscribed to this Reddit group, you are sure to find helpful information on all things Android. If you are just getting started, begin with their wiki which includes a helpful Q&A, resources, and app ideas (for developers and non-developers). Use the different tabs for the forum (hot, new, rising, top, etc.) to help in your searching.


AndroidForums has done an excellent job of segregating their subforums to help you ask/find the information you need. They include featured forums, Android discussions, Android phones, Android tablets, wearable devices, other devices, and more!


AndroidPIT has a robust forum, tutorials, and code snippets to help you. And if you are developing to a particular phone, check out the forum for that specific device.


If you are part of the xda development community, head over to this forum. Threads are nicely segmented to help you quickly find the help you need. The site is very user-friendly and addresses all aspects of the development process.

YouTube Playlists

Android App Development for Beginners

Consisting of 77 videos, you’ll find this playlist a great find if you are just getting started. These videos are well-done screencasts designed for people who have not developed Android apps before. You’ll build from the ground up and develop confidence as you follow along. Bucky leads you on a Windows machine. You’ll begin by downloading JDK (Java Developer Kit) and Android Studio.

Android Development for Absolute Beginners

You’ll feel like someone is holding your hand as you go through these well-articulated videos that start with downloading the software you’ll need and building from there. Travis demos via screencast on his Mac using Eclipse ADT and Android SDK.

 Android Developers

There are many playlists to choose from here at the Android Developers YouTube site. Besides finding playlists to help with programming, let me recommend the Tips for Success on Google Play playlist for easy-to-understand tips and ideas.

What would you add?

Have you come across an other forums or YouTube playlists that you have found valuable regarding Android development? If so, share what they are below in the comments.

Watch for Part 3 in this series where we will focus on sharing podcasts and Google Communities to add to your toolbox as you grow as an Android developer.


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