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Create Animated Videos and Presentations with PowToon

by Lori Gracey

PowToon is a fantastic program that’s great for both teachers and students. With an account, you can very easily and quickly create mesmerizing videos and presentations that are truly engaging. It includes beautiful templates that are drag and drop ready. And there’s an extensive help center and community support for new users.


PowToon is great to use for flipped classroom lessons because it is so very active and engaging. It also works well as a tool to have students share what they’ve learned about a particular topic or unit of study. Because it’s so easy to use (the hardest thing about it is logging in!), even elementary students can benefit from it, especially if you have them work in pairs to create their animations.

The software is so easy that it’s almost intuitive to use. But if you want to try a few tutorials to amp up your skills or those of your students, here are some good resources:

An update to Powtoon is coming soon and will include HTML5. That means that it will now be smoother and even easier to use, and you will be able to use it on a tablet. It will also include new functions that will make your classroom come even more alive (like live-action video!).

Try it for yourself and then watch the fun and learning really begin!


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