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10 Online Summer Camps Full of Creativity and Fun

by Peggy Reimers

Teachers, do you want parents to keep the learning going over the summer? Send some of this information home with your students or give them the link to this blog post so they can check out online summer camp opportunities to continue the learning this summer. Most are free and some are fee-based. 

1. Camp Save-a-Watt

Online Summer Camp Save-a-Watt

Pedernales Electric Company offers a free online summer camp that includes weekly activities geared toward engaging kindergarteners through third grade students. Camp begins June 5, and you will need to register by June 2. 

2. Badgerdog Creative Writing

Badgerdog offers many in-person workshops for 3rd-12th graders. But they also offer these fun and challenging writing workshops virtually in week-long increments from June to August. The workshops allow students to work with a professional writer in the genres of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and playwriting. These are fee-based. Access to Zoom and Google Drive is required for these virtual camps. 

3. Your Local Library

Check out your local public library. Most public libraries will offer some form of summer program. For example, the City of Austin is offering Austin Completely Booked! for its summer reading program. The requirements are to log ten 10 hours of reading time and complete five activity badges by reading, exploring, and creating in a chosen badge category. Find your local library here.

4. Camp Khan Kids

Khan Academy has a free, self-paced summer learning program for children ages 2-8. The online summer camp guides parents and their children on a playful educational journey using Kahn Academy as a launchpad into hands-on learning. Bonus: If you are seeking more activities, you can also access the 2021 and 2022 Camp Khan content.

5. Code with Google

Code with Google is an all-inclusive resource for educators and parents, offering a wide range of Computer Science materials. It combines Google’s free curriculum and coding programs to foster skill development in students, from beginners to advanced levels, ensuring their success. Teachers can incorporate CS First into their classrooms, direct high school students to the free code learning app Grasshopper for JavaScript education, or inform students about CS scholarship opportunities.

6. 4-H Free Virtual Cooking Camp

Try 4-H for free by joining us for a virtual cooking camp! Youth will learn about kitchen skills, food safety, and nutrition. Participants will have the opportunity to make one recipe each day and learn how to participate in a food cooking challenge competition. The camp meets July 17-21 from 9 – 11:30 a.m. virtually. This camp has no cost to registered participants.

Shopping lists will be provided at least one week prior to the start of camp. 

7. YouTubeKids

YouTube Kids has videos on many different topics and helps your kids discover the world around them, learn something new, or just be entertained. As a parent, you can create a profile for each of your children and handpick videos or block certain videos or channels. 

Topics include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Toys and Play
  • Learning and Hobbies
  • Shows and Cartoons
  • Music and Dance

8. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors offers free Virtual Summer Camps and Classes from June to August for ages 5-18. Topics include Mock Trial, Presidential History, Improv, Art, Creative Writing, Science, Chess, Wellness, Origami, and more. Advance registration is required.

9. Start with a Book

Start with a Book is the perfect resource for creating an engaging Summer Camp experience for your kids. It provides a variety of resources, including books, crafts, and customizable themes. Whatever real-world topics your child is passionate about, such as detectives, explorers, artists, athletes, superheroes, dinosaurs, planes, bugs, birds, animals, and more, you’ll find a summer theme that aligns with their curiosity and interests. Suitable for ages 3 to 12.

10. Jr. NBA at Home

Jr. NBA at Home is an engaging content series within NBA Together that offers interactive basketball skills and drills. It showcases NBA and WNBA players and is designed for young players worldwide to stay active and enhance their game. The activities can be completed individually and require limited space, ensuring a safe and healthy approach to skill development.

Wishing every teacher, parent, and student a summer of sun, smiles, and a smidge of learning.

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