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Every Educator Has a Story to Tell

by Kristy Breaux

Educators are lifelong learners, admirably. Whether it’s listening to a podcast in the limited time they have between life and school or diving into another series of YouTube shorts, the love of learning never ends. When it comes to finding new pedagogical strategies or resources for transforming the classroom, many educators also look to their peers and other education trailblazers. So this is your call to step up and submit to present. Share your stories and help your peers find the inspiration they need.

Don’t Crave the Spotlight?

I don’t normally like the spotlight. While most educators can stand in front of an audience five days a week, many are not confident in sharing their successes with their peers. At the annual TCEA convention, more than 1,000 presentations share the stories of great educators and keep the learning fluent. Here’s how to dip your toe into becoming the next thought leader or just make an impact for another empowered educator.

Scenario: Your students have made strides with a new project and the impact is worth sharing.

Poster sessions are a great opportunity to showcase your students’ work, the challenges they have overcome, the progress they have made. These sessions are super informal and allow one-on-one conversations with peers to ask questions about your program(s).

Scenario: You just implemented a brand new reading program/class structure/parent resource/device/web tool.

We know you had to do a ton of research and may still have lingering questions. Solution Circles are where you belong. These intimate round-table sessions allow you to dig into complex issues in a comfortable space with others who are also searching for answers. Remember, sharing is caring!

Scenario: You’re the go-to resource on the campus when it comes to creating flyers for upcoming events.

So, what’s your skill set? Do you use tools like Wix and Canvas? Or do you dive right into Adobe Suite? Share your skills in a hands-on workshop letting the participants follow along and learn. Think about it like this: if you teach someone a new skill, it’ll probably alleviate the stress for one more person. Or, who knows, they could teach the next group of GT students.

Scenario: This isn’t your first TCEA. You’ve made friends from other districts who have similar goals and may or may not quite agree on the solution.

Panels are where we want to see you. Discuss the topic from various viewpoints and allow the audience to soak it in from all perspectives. You can do a smackdown, a “debate,” or just talk about how you implemented something.

Scenario: You just discovered one of the latest and greatest features of Google, Apple, and/or Microsoft and you’re slightly giddy about it.

Presentations are all about the sharing and caring of technology for learning. Use this 50-minute platform to give a recap of how you’re using the tool and the difference it has made. Share your tips and tricks and empower others.

Scenario: You feel siloed and are not even sure of the next step in tech integration.

You belong at the annual TCEA Convention & Exposition. This is where educators who are passionate about changing the way teaching and learning looks belong. And we can’t wait to welcome you.

Not Sure You’ve Got What It Takes?

If you’re worried that you may not be the best presenter in the world, take heart. All of the greats had to start somewhere! Check out this blog for some tips to make your presentation one that will last and inspire others.

I’m fortunate to have some really great friends in education that I can go to for a quick tip, question, or inspiration. Janet Corder, Joan Gore, Leslie Fisher, Peggy Reimers are all icons in my ed tech world. But, just like you, they had to take that leap to begin sharing with their peers. Join the force of educators transforming learning.  Click here to start your presentation submission now. The deadline is May 31. I look forward to hearing your story in San Antonio!


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