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Beyond the Robe and Gavel: Getting to Know Judge Glenda Hatchett

by Susan Meyer

The 2018 TCEA Convention & Exposition is in full swing this week, providing incredible thought leaders, the latest trends in technology, and the resources you need to integrate technology into your classroom, school, or district. Educators from all over the world come to this learning event knowing that they will leave inspired and ready to tackle new ways of reaching their students.

One MotivatorGlenda Hatchett

To keep the attendees motivated and excited about their calling, TCEA is thrilled to present Judge Glenda Hatchett as our closing keynote speaker. This amazing woman in a thought leader in how we treat each other and how we can best help the youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Here’s a deeper look beyond her robe and gavel in understanding why Hatchett is the incredible youth advocate she is today.

“Education is important in leveling the playing field of opportunities. It motivates kids to dream big dreams,” says Hatchett. “Kids need hope, and educators are on the frontline on giving them hope.”

Judge Hatchett’s Influencers

Hatchett attributes her first grade teacher as a major inspiration in her life, so it makes sense as to why she has made a focus of her life’s work to encourage educators to really reach their students. In discussing her closing keynote, Hatchett hopes to “send educators home with a challenge and reinforce why they do what they do.”

Hatchett also credits being a mother as another reason why she is passionate about education. She said her father taught her the importance of a good education and helped her reach further than she thought she could. Realizing that parents are inherently educators, Hatchett made sure she equipped her now-adult children to do the same when she was raising them. Being a mother is the “most important role” in her life and helped shaped her purpose, which she says is to “inspire, empower, and uplift families and children.” However, Hatchett’s advocacy reaches beyond empowering youth.

Recently, Hatchett has become an advocate for maternal health as well. Due to the tragic loss of her daughter-in-law, who died shortly after giving birth to her second child, Hatchett saw firsthand the cracks in the maternal health care system. In response, she helped found the 4Kira4Moms campaign. This advocacy effort calls for improved maternal healthcare and is currently “proposed legislation cosponsored by a bipartisan coalition of 66 members of The House of Representatives.” To learn more, visit this website

With so many avenues of advocacy under her belt, it seems like being a judge is just a day job for someone as accomplished as Hatchett.  “People see me as just a judge, but I change gears,” says Hatchett. “I’m an advocate for the people behind the bench.”  

Playing so many roles and wearing various hats has molded Hatchett into the amazing force she is today. Be sure to catch her at the closing keynote session in Ballroom D on Friday, Feb. 9, at 10:30 a.m.  


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