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A New Resource for Student Collaboration

by Lori Gracey

One of my favorite types of tech tools to use with students is one that allows them to collaborate and share together during class. In the past, I’ve used TodaysMeet for this purpose, creating a backchannel for discussion. But I’ve recently discovered another backchanneling resource that I like more called Tozzl.

Tozzl lets you create a digital “pinboard” for collaboration and requires no registration or login. It works on any device and is very easy to use. The teacher creates a Tozzl by giving it a name and a brief description, along with a password to prevent anyone from deleting the pinboard. The URL of the Tozzl is then shared with students and the discussion can begin. (You also have the option of emailing the link to them, making it great for faculty discussions.) The first time you or your students want to type something into the chat, you’ll be asked to provide your first and last name. From then on, it will remember who you are.

The pinboard can be as simple as a chat, allowing every student a voice. But you can also add content to the board, including YouTube videos, files, and pictures. Unlike TodaysMeet, Tozzl allows you to create texts, lists, and bookmarks inside the board, so its uses are more diverse. It even lets you pull in Twitter hashtags, which makes it perfect for using with other teachers. Each of the additional features you add to the pinboard is in a separate box so it doesn’t become cluttered and confusing. And it offers you the option to subscribe so that you are notified when changes occur to your pinboard. This can be great if you are using it for a discussion outside of class, perhaps for flipped learning or homework help.

Like TodaysMeet, Tozzl is completely free. Give it a try today!


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