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Instructional Strategies That Work from the Research-Based Teaching and Learning Conference

by Andrew Roush
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When it comes to professional learning for educators, it’s vital to find training that not only meets your requirements, but also equips you with useful tools. But what constitutes useful learning?

One way to define useful professional learning is if it offers solutions that are proven to not only keep students up to grade level, but that actually accelerate their learning. Proving the effect of various teaching methods is a challenge, but it’s been untaken by researchers like Dr. John Hattie, whose Visible Learning project helps define which instructional strategies advance learning.

A Trusted Guide to the Best Instructional Strategies

Of course, digging through decades of educational research is no simple feat, and many educators simply don’t have the time to delve in. Even once scholars have compared the results of various studies, interpreting those results — and putting them into practice — can be tough.

TCEA is here to help. Our Research-Based Teaching and Learning Conference, August 3, 2021, is designed to get teachers, administrators, and everyone involved in learning up to date on instructional strategies that truly work. At this virtual conference, you’ll have a guide through all the research, its meaning, and how to use it on your campus. It’s a great way to renew your passions and prepare for the school year ahead. You’ll learn how to find what strategies work best in what types of learning, as well as get practice in a specific strategy to implement with students. Participants will also learn the difference between surface, deep, and transfer learning and what strategies work best for each.

You can get the basics of how effective teaching strategies are discovered and defined in the episode of our Ed Tech Club podcast below.

Getting Involved

Ready to learn more about instructional strategies that really work? You can discover more about the event and register here. The event is only $49.

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Ann Overman July 20, 2021 - 4:35 pm

I can’t register.

Lori Gracey July 21, 2021 - 6:13 am

I’m so sorry, Ann. We had to cancel the event due to a lack of registrations. We hope to offer it again sometime this coming school year.


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